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MDS 3.0 has been designed to improve the reliability, accuracy, and usefulness of the MDS, to include the resident’s voice in the assessment process.

Implementation of the MDS 3.0 will affect all of the critical aspects of nursing home operations. It will determine accuracy of the facility’s care plans and drive the survey process.

The MDS 3.0 is representative of the quality of care within the facility and whether Medicare Part A reimbursement is consistent with the intensity of the services provided.

Train for Success

  • Educate interdisciplinary team to specific responsibilities to MDS 3.0
  • Identify/determine accuracy in coding MDS 3.0 items
  • Train MDS 3.0 items to RUG IV reimbursement
  • ADL scores/MDS management
  • Understand how the staff’s interview skills impact the resident’s daily care, facility reimbursement and the survey process.
  • Are your MDS data collection tools doing the job?
  • Are you selecting the “best” Assessment Reference Date (ARD)?
  • Scheduling for Start of Therapy (SOT), End of Therapy (EOT) and Short-term stay residents appropriately?
  • Examine overall MDS process to best time management and facility strengths.

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